Donald Trump’s Unfair Trump on Jerusalem


GEETANJALI POST ( Rajkumari Dogra)

U.S. President Donald Trump on December 5th told Palestinian and Jordanian leaders that he wants to move U.S Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This declaration sent a shock wave across entire Arab world. Recognizing Jerusalem as lsraeli capital was like an earthquake for Palestinians.For years they have been waiting for a peaceful atmosphere so that they can live with dignity and independence. Israel too aspires for acceptance of Arab world for a secure state of their own. But the problem is that Israel wants to annex Jerusalem, while Palestinians want East Jerusalem as capital of their future state.
Jerusalem is called ‘Holy City’ and is important not only to Jews and Muslims but also to Christians for religious purpose all over the world. Today’s Muslims of Palestine and Jews of Israel populated the same region in ancient times. Due to rule and control of various empires from Babylonians to British plus Arab Muslims’ hostility a huge population of Jews migrated to Europe, Africa, America etc.
During 2nd World War around six million Jews were killed by Nazis in Germany. Naturally they felt the need of their own state .They started coming in masses to what they called their ‘Original Homeland’ Arabs were not happy with this. In 1947 United Nations approved a plan to partition Palestine into a Jewish state and a Muslim state. This two country solution was not acceptable to Arab Muslims. In May 1948 Israel declared itself an Independent state.Most of the world was not ready to accept this new country. Even today 36 countries don’t recognise Israel as a state.Our very own India gave Israel official recognition in 1950 but started diplomatic relations in1992 and opened first Embassy in Tel Aviv.
Eversince Israel has come into existence as a country both neighbors have never lived in peace. A series of violent events have occurred between them. Countless peace efforts have failed. Since 1970 U.S. is chief ally of Israel. So Israeli activities make Palestine angry and uncertain of it’s future.
Trump’s announcement is not seen in positive light by most of the countries. Arab world doesn’t want Israeli sovereignty over entire Jerusalem.Palestinion President Mohammed Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdulla have raised their protest together and have warned of serious consequences. Turkey has threatened to severe diplomatic relations with Israel. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and,EU and Arab League are against Trump’s decision.
It may take six months or so in relocation of US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but many things are predictable . Chances of fresh conflicts can not be denied. This step can be seen as Christians and Jews joining hands against Muslims. Palestinian Islamic group Hamas is enraged.Other extremists are likely to gain strength. Fresh termoil can raise international oil prices.

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