Governor Kalyan Singh Stoppage of customary of Guard of Honour


Jaipur, The Governor of Rajasthan Kalyan Singh has stated that provisions of Guard of Honour may not be made for him. He in this regard expressed a desire to State Government through letter. Singh has made this initiative implemented from 09th June, 2018 since visit to Jodhpur from 09th to 11th June. He has taken a historic decision.
The Home Department of State Government in reference to the letter sent by the Governor’s Secretariat, inform vide letter dated 11.05.18 that ‘following the desire of Hon’ble Governor, the customary Guard of Honour conferred in his Honour, may be abolished’. Governor Shri Kalyan Singh has expressed his consent on the comments made by the home department, and the State Government has been apprised of the same through letter on 14.06.18.
Singh has been Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for two times. He has brought multifold changes in the regulatory reforms to ensure quality improvements to higher education and with his efforts degrees in lacs pending for a long were distributed.