vibha Vibha Jha,  Gurgaon

India is called a country of villages where the largest group of population comprises farmers. In present circumstances the youth plank of rural populace are migrating to cities and towns. Consequently, rural population is rapidly decreasing and urban population is increasing alarmingly. It results in improper rural and urban development. Meanwhile, it is noticeable that a group of urban population comprises those living in rural conditions. They are green grocers, street hawkers, vendors, daily wagers, and domestic helps etc., whereas, a section of rural inhabitants live in urban conditions. They are land lords, businessmen, government staffs etc. Thus evidently, Indian towns and villages are interrelated. Therefore it is necessary to establish cordial balance between rural development and urban development in order to accelerate the course of national development.

In view of present scenario of national development it is worth suggesting that there should be the provision of civic amenities available to all, devoid of any narrowness. The facilities of education, health, electricity, water, roads etc. should be secured for the citizens at large. Downtrodden living in the towns and cities as well as in villages, have the same rights as that of privileged sections of the society. It will prevent migration of rural population. The villages need be facilitated with employment generation besides the required help to those dependent on agriculture and self employment. Besides migration, this initiative may also curb social irregularities and criminal mindset.

Nowadays, urban population is growing so alarmingly that it has disrupted the whole atmosphere. Overcrowded cities and towns witness traffic disruptions, pollutions, unsystematic supply of water and electricity, inadequate medical and educational facilities and similar problems of livelihood. In order to overcome a large number of civic problems such as these, township areas need to be expanded. Age old urban areas are not spacious enough to accept such an increasing population. In view of development of towns and cities, rural areas or regions may be inducted following proper planning. So much so, ministry of rural development and urban development should moot a comprehensive project to meet the prescribed challenge, such as, construction of high rises and apartments in densely populated areas or by deforestation need to be banned so as to maintain ecological balance and pro-life environment. In the meantime it should also be taken into serious consideration that industrial areas should be located in remote areas where people are not directly affected by their by-products.

To ensure the desired course of all-round development it is advisable that rural and urban development should come within one ministry. At the same time, some new ministries may be inducted in the union and state cabinets in view of naturally changing scenarios.

Nowadays urban and rural development has attained the status of subjects for higher studies but without any substantial gain. Those pursuing such courses or philosophizing relevant ideas face all sorts of adversities in materializing what they learn or think. Sociopolitical and socioeconomic circumstances do not appear encouraging enough to materialize cherished or conceived dreams and ideas of the youth, nationalists, and pro-development people.

The government and administration as sell as judiciary are supposed to boost up courage among citizens at large by granting and safeguarding fundamental rights, at least to health and education, so that healthy mind and body sort out all the major hindrances on way to national development.