Confession of a successful IT immigrant turning into an accidental Numerologist & Vastu Consultant of Celebrities

Abishek Kathuriaa

Background: Being from an IT background and more than a decade of experience & education to back it up, Abishek Kathuriaa decided to pursue his passion of childhood, Numerology after many years of studying it. From consulting his classmates casually in his engineering & MBA days to making positive changes in the lives of famous TV, movie & sports personalities, builders, businesses and industrialists along with a large number of ordinary people, he has come a long way.


Abishek Kathuriaa


Experience: In his words, his fascination and love for numbers go back to his childhood days where he aimed to get full marks in his Mathematics class. Though his formal studies finished at his MBA, his education for numbers has never stopped. From running the calculation of number plates in his mind, remembering and adding the phone numbers to bring it to one number remarkable result was that he would know what that person behaved like, his or her body language and other intuitive insights to the extent that he could have picked that person out of a crowd. That is the beauty of this science, which can no longer be regarded as obscure pseudo-science. He thinks and believes this science as an example of the immaculate perfection that underlies in this nature.In his words, if there is a problem, there is a solution to it. And, to alleviate the problem and making the way for opportunities, the science of Name Numerology & Vastu is used on different layers of existence, soul, mind and the five elements of the body. Once these things are balanced in an individual and environment around them, there is no door which can’t be opened. But as they say, nothing changes unless we change and it’s important to accept & cherish the change brought by the enormous possibilities that Numerology & Vastu brings in.Views about fake astrologers who misguide people: No genuine learned person will dare to misguide people and invite bad karmas. Fake numerologists or astrologers have been there since the time innumerable but they are doing more harm to themselves and their families than to the others. And, for the same reason, genuine consultants need to be a beacon to others and guide people so they would continue believing in this thousands of years old science. It is like the profession of doctors, where people seek for genuine help and it’s the duty & responsibility of the good consultant to pass on the remedies derived and discovered by our learned ancestors. A genuine consultant understand learning this science is a privilege and there is no better feeling than making someone understand their purpose and make them “know thyself”. Bringing hope to people’s lives is important as there is already a lot of external factors resulting in negativity. It is easy to point out all the negative things, past & future, but it takes a true Astro-Numerologist and Vastu consultant to enlighten a person and give them hope despite their bad numbers. There are principles to follow when practising any such science.

1) Never predict death for a client or their loved ones. It’s against the learnings and can have long-lasting psychological impacts.

2) Do not tell clients that they will never be successful in their life, or they will have an average future or they can’t get married or have children. It’s important to do the right thing and provide hope.

3) With regards to love life, never comes in between karmas of people and shut their chart on them saying they will never be together. Instead, it’s important to be sensitive and showing them how their life would be if they would be marrying or living with each other.

4) Tell your client about your fees in advance for the remedies to work for them but never Numbers have been an intrinsic part of his mind and soul.

He still remembers his childhood days where he used to borrow & read the Numerology, Astrology & Vastu books from his friend Mom’s library and didn’t realize his calling until he decided to study this from experts. From observing and consulting thousands of people with different numbers and behaviours, he never met a “1” –Sun/kingly by nature behaving like a “2” – Moon/Queenly by nature and vice versa. Anyone familiar with the mechanics of Numerology knows that getting the behaviours right with the help of numbers is not strange but with the established and proven methods to determine the different personalities of people with different numbers. As he says, once he realized that this study was more about some obscure science of Numbers which he never heard of before, he started playing with it and started applying to his family members and other people.

Challenges: However, his journey was not easy, he had to promise & secure a decent Job to convince his family to let him study & pursue his passion of Numerology. And, since then, Abishek has made a mark as being one of the best Numerologist in Australia and India; with his guidance, he has brought a smile on the faces of many people all across the world.

Interesting facts: Another example of the precision and benefits of this science of Numbers is that during many years he worked as a Numerologist, clients would call in for an appointment and give him their date of birth, and by doing their chart in advance, considering hundreds of complex calculations, prescribe any remedy that would cost them their arm & leg. Many consultants put fear in people to earn money and ethically and literally, it is against the rule of the learnings. Science of Numbers and Vastu is beyond the occult and is there to help and do good to people instead of instigating fear in them.

Future Plans: Despite being popular in Australia & India, I think, more people need help with knowing and living their purpose and be a better version of themselves. After all, it’s everyone’s right as long as they are ready to back the unparalleled opportunities, this science brings them, with umpteen efforts.

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